About Us  

We are a paramount hood cleaning company servicing Charlotte California. We offer a diversity of kitchen cleaning services to completely clean and maintain your hoods. The residents of Charlotte expect a lot from us and we always make sure not to disappoint them. A commercial kitchen needs regular cleaning and care compared to a home kitchen due to the traffic it receives daily. Kitchen hoods collect grease, grime, and dirt which can cause excessive smoking in the kitchen. Worse case, they can cause a fire to start. We work with a great team of highly trained professionals who can manage all hood concerns. 


For many years, our company has serviced Charlotte kitchen hood cleaning. We are popular for such service but we also provide other services such as grease containment, hood filters, hinge installation for exhaust fans, and equipment cleaning. Our team is a dedicated group of people who devote their time, effort, and hard work to every project. All our work involves integrity and good values. We want what our customers expect and that is great results.  


Not all kitchens are equal. But all kitchens need proper care for them to be fully operational and safe to use. Our team is also trained in health and safety standards. We guarantee that the kitchen won’t only be tidy, but safe too.  


If you have been on the lookout for a qualified and capable hood cleaning service provider, call us and we’ll show you that we are what you are looking for. Be one of our many customers who have been highly satisfied with our outstanding services and exceptional customer service.