Check for these Signs if your Tree is Sick Tree or Possibly Dying?

Unhealthy tree has a high chance of falling during a bad weather. These are the trees with diseases and rotting trees. Here are some other clues that look for indicating that the tree in your yard in indeed sick and dying. If you have spotted the signs or might not know what kind of tree disease your tree is having, call a tree service in your area to have a professional arborist help in healing your tree or removing it.

Signs of dying and unhealthy tree

You can have a visual inspection to know that your tree has a disease. If one part of a tree has reduced much of its leaves or the tree is lacking leaves all over unexpectedly, there is definitely something wrong with your tree. It is also true with soft spots and wounds. You should also look for signs of rot and fungus. Mushroom is a sign your tree is decaying its branches of trunk and if your tree has cracks and is showing structural problem like if the branches are splitting apart, this might be a sign that your tree has been eaten up by disease.

There is a so called “Three D’s” when doing your tree inspection. You should look for tissue of a tree that is damaged, dead and diseased. If you see these signs in your tree, you should call a professional to know more of the cause and to find a way on how to solve the problem or in most cases to remove the whole tree.

You can also do some test like twig inspection, seeing a green tissue means it is alive. You could also use your pruning shears in scratching its bark to inspect the wood. Seeing that the wood is brittle means that it is dead. But by checking with breaking the twig, you also need to consider checking its other parts.

When pruning your tree, you must have the knowledge in doing it correctly for leaving the tree open could lead to tree infection. When doing the twig test, you must then cut the branch cleanly to avoid the tree from attracting insects and diseases. If you are not sure how to do it properly, ask for a professional who has the knowledge and experience in dealing with these problems.

A tree is facing many natural threats like old age, disease infection and pest such as insects. In some areas with wet weather, fungus could be a problem and that it could spread as its spores is spread with the wind. It results in the discoloration of leaves and there might be defoliation also and this happen faster if the tree is stressed. This disease is only one of the many diseases that might attack your tree. If there were signs that you are not familiar with, consult a tee doctor which also known as professional arborist who has in depth knowledge in dealing with these diseases.




Our roof at home is the one that will give protection to different rooms of the house and to the entire part of the apartment as well. For some people in America, they invested too much to have a good and better quality of roofing material to be installed to their house. They are thinking of the possibility that they in the future it might not be as good as before. Columbia Roofing Services said they could cater best and high-quality materials to be used for modern roofing design and services. It is very wonderful to always check the roof of your house just to make sure that everything is fine and there is no visible leakage or damages up there.  If a house has no roof or if there is a problem about your roof, there is a big possibility that it will ruin everything what is inside of your house. You would feel extremely hot and even cold during the summer and winter. Below are some of the most common things that might put your roof in danger or bad situation.

  1. Old and tall trees that will fall down directly to the roof of your house. It is a good habit to check the trees around your house. If you think that you need them to be cut down or trim down. You may contact a tree service company near your place.
  2. Because of too strong wind, there might be a result that your shingles will be not on its place. You can ask for your roof contractor to use a very good material not to be easily moved by strong winds or hurricanes.
  3. Due to the poor way of flowing down the water from the roof. The gutter might experience clogging up because of the leaves or any other stuff there. If this will continue and not to do any actions about it, there could a problem in the future when it comes to the leakage.
  4. Dirt accumulates the entire pipes from your roof to the proper way of draining it. So, it is a good way to make sure and inspect every time the pipes.
  5. It is not a good thing to let moss or algae on the top of the roof and even to the pipes and gutter. There would be a possible problem when this one continues to happen. The water from there will be stuck up and can’t go down. It will destroy the structure as well of the house.
  6. Painting it with pain and thinner and wax protector will help your roof and even the gutter to stay longer. It is not a good thing to expose the roof to the sun directly, but since it is a roof, it is there, we don’t have a choice but to maintain it. The same thing goes to winter season and snowy weather.
  7. Not having a good way of air flow and ventilation will destroy and totally damage this area and part.